Registered Arts Therapist


Here's what previous clients have shared about Active Arts Therapy:

Louise makes me feel comfortable

She has shown how persisting has assisted me to get back to what I had loved doing, increasing my confidence, help me to do art without being judged like I was in the past

Louise is kind and doesn’t judge…she didn’t push me and was flexible

She knows what she is doing

Louise helped me to recover from past bullying

She really helped me with depersonalisation and to reconnect with my senses via art

She helped my connection with senses that helped me to connect with the physical by doing art

She is a nice person, caring

She photographed my art work and showed me my progress and helped me to reflect on my own progress that I was unable to see otherwise

She showed me that I still have creativity in abundance

She helped me to reconnect with my creativity and what my art work showed and reflected over time

She helped show me that my mind is intact despite the daily struggle I have with my perception

Louise listened to me and took on board what I was saying

She helped me to learn techniques to relax using art

She helped me to build my confidence