Registered Arts Therapist

My Services

I offer individual arts therapy sessions for adults and adolescents, from a private room in Tawa, Wellington. I am able to provide therapy services for clients who are funded through ACC sensitive claims or the Work & Income NZ disability allowance. I also facilitate community-based workshops.

My clients and I work creatively, using mindfulness-based approaches and a variety of arts modalities (including visual arts, dance/movement, drama and writing) to support the processes of meaning-making and change.

You don’t have to be an artist to express something creatively, you just have to feel safe enough to give it a try. I provide a confidential, attentive and non-judgmental space where we’ll work collaboratively, at a pace that feels right for you. My role is not to interpret your artwork, but rather, to witness your process and the product(s) of your art-making, to assist you with your own meaning-making, and to walk with you as you navigate challenges and face fears.

Arts therapy sessions are private and confidential. However, where there is a threat of harm to any person I have an ethical responsibility to seek appropriate help to reduce the risk of this occurring. Where possible I will discuss this with you first, and we’ll come to a mutual agreement before any action is taken.

For more information, please see the attached resources:

I warmly invite you to come for a session and see if arts therapy feels like a good fit for you. We’ll use the arts as well as talking to explore your reasons for coming to therapy, and establish some aims for our work based on your individual situation.

Contact me today to discuss how we might work together.